Inkbench Offers Nonprofits Help During Pandemic

Nonprofits need the ability to collaborate and communicate rapidly during a crisis.

Social distancing may or may not last, but the need for our nonprofit organizations to easily and rapidly communicate with citizens, government and donors will always be vital. Now more than ever, people have turned to social media to learn the latest about the pandemic, lockdown guidance, how they may be able to help their communities and what they may need to plan for in order to ensure survival in the months to come.  

Nonprofits that are communicating effectively, accurately and efficiently are strenghthening their brand loyalty, their ability to help others AND generate donations for future needs.   

Knowing that our technology can make a difference, we are pleased to announce that Inkbench is offering our support, free of charge, to nonprofits to ensure accurate and rapid, brand-sure digital communications. As we all continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, you can collaborate freely from remote locations with ease and confidence to accomplish your mission.  For further details about the offer, click here.

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The Inkbench Team
Author: The Inkbench Team
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