Inkbench Offers Nonprofit Organizations 6 Months of Free Service to Ensure Accurate and Rapid Digital Communications during Crisis

Nonprofits need the ability to collaborate and communicate rapidly during a crisis.

Inkbench Offers Nonprofit Organizations 6 Months of Free Service to Ensure Accurate and Rapid Digital Communications during Crisis

Provides nonprofits with ability to collaborate remotely to amplify, and protect, brand communications


Upper Montclair, NJ, April 2nd, 2020  Inkbench — the leading provider of collaborative design and brand-protected digital communications, today announced that we are offering our cloud-based collaboration and design platform to nonprofit organizations, free of charge, for the next 6 months to help their marketing teams working around the nation.


Nonprofit organizations are experiencing unprecedented demand for their services. On the front-line of service delivery in the COVID-19 pandemic in healthcare, human services, education and more, nonprofits are grappling with limited resources, scattered staff and nervous donors. As nonprofits quickly become the trusted source for accurate information and connectivity, the need for strong communications to all stakeholders are increasing exponentially. Constituents, donors, and operating teams will need to hear passionate and effective messaging from these agencies, which will need to change constantly and will need to be accurate as we move forward in the months to come.


Inkbench is here to help. Inkbench, is a communications platform designed to:

  • Enable real-time and remote collaboration by all people involved in organizational marketing communications
  • Increase speed and effectiveness of campaign launches across all channels
  • Ensure localized, cost-efficient, and creative brand communications that are accurate based on specific target markets
  • Offer the control needed to keep communications brand and mission compliant while being consistent and memorable
  • Strengthen control over messaging and brand compliance through guardrails designed to prevent people from going ‘off-message’

“What nonprofits do is extremely important. However, many, if not most, still use elementary fundraising pages and no real world interaction when it comes to how they communicate,”
said George Abraham, CEO, Inkbench, “with Inkbench, these organizations can embrace social and digital media easily to really drive engaging, real-time communications that amplify their reach, donations and overall mission – like never before.”


Recognized for pioneering the only collaborative, communication design platform that effortlessly brings together an advanced design canvas, a curated brand repository and unique brand controls, Inkbench’s subscribers benefit from brand-sure communications that outperform competitors and  wow audiences. Empower your marketing teams today.


For more information on Inkbench, schedule a demo, or to learn how we can help your organization thrive, visit or contact us

About Inkbench

New Jersey based Inkbench provides the leading collaborative, communication design platform for marketers to amplify and protect their brands. Inkbench recently won the NJ Techlaunch Bullpen pitch competition and enjoys blue-chip, paying subscribers including The New York Blood Center, Merck Animal Health, and Syneos Health, among others. Additional background about Inkbench is available at

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The Inkbench Team
Author: The Inkbench Team
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