Quarterly Reporting Communications: The Medicines Company Case Study

The Medicines Company

Every customer faces different communications and marketing challenges in its everyday process of doing business. The Medicines Company is no exception, however their primary communication challenge was not focused on your typical social media dilemma of “so many channels, so little time, so few people”, nor “how do I keep this group on brand with no control”.

The Medicines Company, a NASDAQ biopharmaceutical organization, faced something that every public, regulated entity must comply with – reporting quarterly earnings – no matter how efficient or inefficient their processes. Loose translation – no matter how painful or expensive the process was to get the reports and associated marketing and communications together – it must be done. It is simply part of doing business. These standing mandates made it an imperative for the company to focus on collaboration efficiencies that would reduce the quarterly impact on its resources, and help ensure compliance to deadlines.

At Inkbench we pride ourselves in delivering measurable value and exceptional customer experiences. Read how The Medicines Company leveraged Inkbench to more efficiently reach their goals and outperform expectations.

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The Inkbench Team
Author: The Inkbench Team
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