Entrepreneur Finds No Solution to Franchise Brand Challenges, So He Built One!

Early one Sunday morning, 6 am to be exact, Steve Goodman, founder and CEO of a successful NJ-based marketing tech agency, got a call from one of his long-time clients. The client was ready for their social posts to launch within hours at their industry conference and realized they had made a mistake! Full blown panic (can you relate?).

The client needed a small, but critical revision to a social media graphic that Steve’s agency created, and they needed it immediately (remember it’s Sunday morning). Steve figured “no problem” and it would be a quick and easy fix. So, he started hunting for source files. And fonts. Searching, downloading, sweating. And after much anxiety on his part and his client’s, he came to their rescue. And vowed to himself to find a much easier solution to avoid this situation next time.

Throughout two decades of running his agency, Steve Goodman experienced firsthand the growing, changing marketing communications needs among his franchisor, large enterprise and nonprofit clients. With the advent of so many new technologies, his clients quickly faced three common, crucial branding challenges:

  • Chaos trying to track down and organize brand assets like logos, images, fonts, colors, ads
  • Total frustration among employees/franchisees/affiliates who want to do their own local customization, and drive leads, yet have no tools and all their local marketing is stuck in a corporate production pipeline
  • Fear because folks are going renegade and doing their own versions of design and production out in the field and the brand is all over the place

So, Steve started researching his options, expecting to find the ideal solution to make these problems a thing of the past. Surprisingly he quickly realized he couldn’t find a solution. Not an easy one. So, what did he find? A sea of technology including Digital Asset Managers (DAM), various design tools, project management software, and different workflows. But they were not integrated and didn’t talk to each other.

So, after some deep thought, and a surge of determination, Steve set out to build an all-in-one solution. And then he patented it. In 2017, Inkbench was born!

“I felt confident I could resolve the branding challenges because I had three P’s: Problem, People (to solve it) and Passion (to get the job done)! So, I set out to build the solution.” recalls Goodman. The platform is like an exquisite double-layer cake with the ultimate buttercream frosting (your choice of chocolate or vanilla).

  1. First layer is the integrated DAM (library)
  1. Second layer is a sophisticated, yet simple to use Design Canvas
  1. Icing on the cake is the brand approval system to keep your brand looking good and fully protected

“We built Inkbench from the ground up specifically for our franchisor, national non-profit and enterprise clients that the agency I had founded, had been working with for the past 20 years, said Goodman. “Large organizations care deeply about their brands and have unique workflow challenges largely unmet by other brand management and design solutions because they were initially designed for consumers and small businesses. We built Inkbench to be safe, from a brand perspective, easily accessible, and money-saving for these large enterprises.”

“Our company saved more than $15,000 annually just switching to Inkbench to create Twitter graphics for our posts. We then calculated the additional $25,000 cost savings from other marketing projects and it was crystal clear Inkbench was worth every penny.”

Michael Blash, Client, The Medicines Company

Branding is an important collaborative art of building, fine-tuning, and, of course protecting the assets. With Inkbench, brand management is a piece of cake!

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Author: Mary DeBonis
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