We're a cloud-based platform with our feet on the ground. Our mission is customer delight, and helping you be smarter about your brand. Heart(s) + Brains

Our Story

Inkbench is Smarter Brand Management. The platform was developed by our founder, Steve Goodman, who dreamed it, built it and patented it.

Today, franchises, enterprises, agencies and other organizations use Inkbench to provide their teams with the ability to manage, customize and approve their branding before it ever gets posted or published. Inkbench is a friendly, yet powerful platform that transforms your brand marketing.

No other platform delivers a more integrated branding solution from start to finish, including:

  • Digital Asset Manager (DAM) where teams can store, manage and share brand assets, designs and templates
  • Design Canvas is a powerful design tool where teams and franchisees/affiliates can customize designs or templates
  • Brand Compliance System to review workflows, track progress and review/approve brand assets and materials

And Inkbench is continuously fine-tuning its platform to meet and exceed the needs of its clients and the evolving marketplace with the focus on helping brands thrive.

Our Mission is Simple: Client Delight

We raise the bar. We think customer satisfaction is good, but we don’t want to just satisfy you. Any company can do that. Our mission is Client Delight, and that includes our future clients, colleagues, partners and vendors.

Our Experience

Let us more formally introduce ourselves. We are a dedicated team of industry executives who understand your specific branding challenges. Most of our team didn’t come up in the world of software or web technologies. In fact, most members of our leadership team have sat where you’re sitting now at one point or another.

George Abraham, Inkbench CEO

George Abraham

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Goodman, Chief Product Officer & Inkbench Founder

Steve Goodman

Chief Product Officer & Founder

Rob Howgate, VP, EMEA

Rob Howgate


Ed Maybert, Inkbench VP, Engineering

Ed Maybert

VP, Development

Mary DeBonis, Director of Marketing

Mary DeBonis

Director of Marketing

Doyel Ghosh, Senior Developer

Doyel Ghosh

Senior Developer