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26 Mar

What’s Your Story?

Category: Blog
In today’s fast-paced marketplace, brand competition has become a professional sport. Companies continually fine-tune their engines to race across the proverbial finish line. And while the brand is the vehicle, marketing is a primary driver that determines if you’re a winner, mediocre or dead last. So how do you keep your most valuable asset revving,...
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22 Jan
Franchisees' Three Biggest Frustrations-Blog_Post_1137pxX835pxV2

Franchisees Reveal Their Three Biggest Marketing Frustrations

Category: Blog
Wondering what frustrates franchisees most when it comes to marketing? The home office may want to listen up. Since feedback helps us personalize the Inkbench platform to better meet the needs of the franchise community, we interviewed franchisees from the QSR, Real Estate, Fitness, and Home Services industries, among others. Surprisingly, every one of the...
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21 Dec
Spoiler Alert! The World's Most Iconic Brand is...

Spoiler Alert! The World’s Most Iconic Brand Ever…

Category: Blog
The world’s most iconic brand? Hmm…Apple, Coca-Cola or even The Olympics? All excellent choices, but it’s actually Jolly Old Saint Nick. Yes, our very own Santa Claus has been described as the world’s strongest brand! The Santa brand is worth a staggering $1.6 trillion. In contrast, Apple, one of the world’s brand leaders, is estimated...
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