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20 Oct

Mary DeBonis joins Inkbench® as Marketing Director

Category: Press Releases
Inkbench Inc, the leading creative management platform for marketers to create, collaborate and protect their brand assets, announced today that Mary DeBonis has accepted the position of Marketing Director, where she will drive the strategy and execution of integrated marketing plans, including brand awareness, lead generation and sales support, for the fast-growing SaaS com...
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02 Oct
Team Member Announcement - James-Website_Feature_Image_1024pxX768px

James Green joins Inkbench® as Chief Revenue Officer

Category: Press Releases
Inkbench Inc, the leading creative collaborative platform for marketers to amplify and protect their brand assets, announced today that James Green has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer to drive integration of marketing, sales and revenue operations for the company.  James has 30 years of senior management experience, including strategic development and planni...
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18 Sep
Brand guidelines, approved assets and straightforward design come together to empower communicators—this is the promise of Inkbench, and it’s why I’m all in on Inkbench!

Why Am I “All In” on Inkbench?

Category: Blog
I was asked the other day why I sold my successful corporate communications agency to focus on Inkbench. It’s a great question that deserves an equally good answer. Simply put, communicators and marketers know that visuals make their communications more effective. But they’re often frustrated and overworked as organizations create thousands of visual communications eve...
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03 Aug
Sm Strategy pt4

Building a Social Media Strategy: Engage (Part 4)

Category: Blog
Engaging with your social media following, and responding to those who engage with your content, is perhaps the most important step in building a successful social media strategy.
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