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21 Jul

Building a Social Media Strategy: Create (Part 3)

Category: Blog
By now, we have covered the strategic and analytical bits of building a social media plan. What follows is certainly more fun (for me at least), but no less important. The next step is to create the copy and graphics that will support your strategy and engage your audience(s). How and what you create is both the culmination of your planning and the mechanism for engaging wit...
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07 Jul

Building a Social Media Strategy: Plan (Part 2)

Category: Blog
The “key” to social media strategy, if there is one, is having a solid plan. In part 1 of this series, we talked about analyzing your existing content and social media profiles, learning about your audience, and doing research around what is or is not working in your space. Once you’ve conducted your investigation, and have compiled all that juicy data somewhere, it’s time t...
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30 Jun
Building a strategic social media strategy

Building a Social Media Strategy: Analyze (Part 1)

Category: Blog
It is important to understand that planning a successful social media strategy is a multi-faceted endeavor. Many of you likely have urgent messages that need to be communicated with your community, and I can help you plan out those most immediate objectives. But the long-term, healthy and effective way to plan any organization’s social media program is to take it from the top.
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23 Jun
Budgeting for your nonprofit’s social media strategy doesn’t have to be complex. Read this blog and find out more.

Budgeting for Social Media Marketing and Your Nonprofit

Category: Blog
Budgets are always so daunting. Concerned about how to budget for your nonprofit’s social media marketing strategy? Plan for budgeting with this straight forward process and a few tips that help you isolate your funding requirements.
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16 Jun
Is brand creep tarnishing your brand? A quick audit may prove that you need to gain control of your visual identity. But how?

Brand Creep Tarnishing Your Brand?

Category: Blog
Your brand’s visual identity is to your brand what a flag is to its country. It represents your brand and celebrates it. How well do your communications, campaigns and materials fly your visual identity flag or are you suffering from brand creep? Find out what causes brand creep and how you can address it to increase your brand’s impact.
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