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09 Jun
Social Media Marketing for nonprofits is critical in reaching your audience. Learn where and how to get started in this blog.

Social Media Marketing and Nonprofits: Getting Started

Category: Blog
“55% of people who engage with non profits on social media end up taking some sort of action. 59% of those people donate money.” Social media outperforms all other channels (email, website, print, TV ads) in inspiring online donors to give. Caught your attention didn’t I? With statistics like this, your plans for a social...
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02 Jun
Tell your brand story with few, meaningful words accompanied by an impactful image that evokes emotions and action.

What are Your Six?

Category: Blog
Do you know your six? This blog discusses the need to be prepared to tell your brand story with only a few, meaningful words accompanied by an impactful image that evokes emotions and action.
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12 May
The Medicines Company

Quarterly Reporting Communications: The Medicines Company Case Study

Category: Blog
Quarterly reporting and announcements can be chaotic when last minute information or changes are submitted. For The Medicines Company this seemingly small thing could cause expensive requests for agency time, missed deadlines and compliance fines. Find out how Inkbench provides The Medicines Company with the ability to cost effectively respond to last minute changes and meet...
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13 Apr
Inkbench announces company growth to support customer needs for brand-sure marketing communications.

Customer Needs Fuel Company Growth

Category: Blog
Inkbench announced today that it has added three new team members to help support subscribers and their need to control and collaborate on brand-sure communications during the COVID-19 pandemic and unusual time of transformation.
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