Adding a Size/Tile to a Project

The Add Size feature in Inkbench takes the project you have designed and recreates it in additional sizes for multiple channels. This is a great way to create a multichannel campaign in a single project.  

Step 1: 
Once you’ve completed your initial design at the starting size, click the “Add Size” button at the bottom of your screen.  

Step 2: 
Select the desired tile(s) to add to your project. The system may take a moment to generate the tile(s).  

Step 3: 
Click the ‘X’ icon in the top-right corner to close the selection screen. The additional tiles you selected will be added to the project as tabs, accessible along the bottom of the canvas. 

Step 4: 
Tailor each tile for the channel it’s intended for. Inkbench will do its best to recreate your project at different sizes but not everything translates perfectly. This is the time to go through each tile and adjust as needed.  

Note: Making a change on a tile will not change or effect any other tile in the project.  To carry changes through every tile, you will need to edit each tile separately. 

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