Adding users

Add Users to the Enterprise or Workspace #

Step 1:
Open your enterprise settings (the gear icon located at the top right of your dashboard). Select the workspace to add a new user.

Step 2:
Your screen will open on the first tab, the “Users” tab. To add a new user, click the “+ Add User” button located above the user information table.

Step 3:
Fill in required user information such as the user’s first and last name and e-mail address.

Invite a new user from any Workspace #

From the dashboard click the “Invite User” button located at the top of your navigation bar, to the right of your workspace name. Inviting a user with this method will result in the user having limited abilities. To modify the role and permissions of an individual invited through the dashboard shortcut can be done at any time under the “users tab” of your enterprise settings.

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