Arranging Layers on the Canvas

Arranging layers in designs is an extremely useful way to add depth to your projects—literally. Depending on where a layer is, you can give the illusion that something is behind or in front of another object 

Step 1:
Select the object on the canvas you’d like to arrange or move.  

Step 2:
Using the arrows at the bottom of the menu on the right side of your screen, move the layer up (“toward” you) or down (“away” from you). Note that the number between the arrows indicates which level the layer is on, with 0 being the farthest layer back. You can also right-click on an object and choose from Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Move Backward, Send to Back in the context menu 

Alternatively: Open the layers panel and drag the layers to the desired order, with layer 0 being at the bottom.  

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