Creating a Workspace

A Workspace is a subsection of an Enterprise. A Workspace can have a subset of its Enterprise’s users—like those who work in a specific department. It’s a great way to keep a body of work separate from other work within the Enterprise.   

Step 1:
Navigate to Enterprise Settings
for the Enterprise within which you would like to create a Workspace.

Step 2:
Expand the list of Workspaces within the Enterprise by clicking the right-facing arrow. If it is facing downward, the list is already expanded.

Step 3:
Click the blue “+” symbol to the left of “Add Workspace”, just underneath the Enterprise Name.

Step 4:
Type the name of the Workspace you’d like to create, and press ENTER or RETURN. To cancel, click the red CANCEL text underneath the text box.

Step 5:
After pressing enter, you will be directed to Workspace settings for the Workspace you just created.

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