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Creating an Inkbench template from an existing document

Step 1:
Working from your existing template’s source file (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, InDesign), export 2 JPG or PNG files. An example is included below.

The first file should be the source file exactly as it looks, including all layers and text.

The second should be the source file minus any layers that you will allow a user to edit in Inkbench—essentially a “backdrop” for the editable fields of the template. In the second example photo, the address lines are not present because those will be added in Inkbench as editable layers.

Step 2:
In Inkbench, create a new template as usual. Note that the size of the Inkbench template should be equal to the size of the source file.

Step 3:
Upload the two images you just created to Inkbench. You may want to upload these as private, so no users can see or use them anywhere else.

Step 4:
Place the first image – with all layers – on the canvas. Align it to the top left corner so it fits the canvas exactly and lock it in place.

Step 5:
Using Inkbench, reproduce the editable fields and place them over the background image. The background image should serve as a guide.

Once finished, add the second image file (the “backdrop”), move it to the back of the Canvas, and lock it in place.

Step 6:
Delete or hide the original reference image from the template.

Step 7:
Save your template. Then, you’re all set to distribute.

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George Abraham, Inkbench CEO

George Abraham

Chief Executive Officer

My passion is to make the community where I live and work, a better place for my being there.

I also love working at Inkbench, because when I’m contributing to the marketing technology ecosystem, I help make the future happen. I have spent 20+ years in the tech industry as an entrepreneur, founder of a Venture Capital firm and a successful consulting business, Board member, and intermediary.

I am excited to bring my background to Inkbench. I especially enjoy working with my colleagues and helping our users be better at their jobs. When asked about the special talents I bring to this role, I’d have to say dogged tenacity and an ability to see the big picture from smaller parts.  I am as determined to see my clients succeed as I am to see myself succeed. I also know I am memorable. A couple of years ago I was talking on the phone with a very buttoned up prospective client. We finally did a video call and when he saw me, he visibly paused for a few seconds and then said “You are a bit like an animal!” I closed the deal. But seriously, I can toggle between being very professional and buttoned up, to rolling up my sleeves and getting deep into the weeds (and, you know, let my hair down) to get the job done.

I am a mountain biker and skier in NJ and Vermont. If you’re passionate about either, I invite you to join me!

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