Creating Pre-Approved Text

Pre-approved text allows you to add brand messaging into the system for use in all projects and templates. This can include your marketing and brand taglines, regulatory or compliance text, or anything that is frequently added to projects. 

Step 1:
Navigate to Enterprise settings to see the desired Enterprise’s or Workspace’s settings.  

Step 2: 
Click Pre-approved Text, which is the fifth tab from the left, resulting in a screen similar to the below. To add a new piece of pre-approved text, you will use the highlighted fields.   

Step 3: 
Enter the “Text Type” in the corresponding field. Text type indicates the category into which the text falls, and the categories in your Enterprise are up to you. For example, if your brand has a tagline, “Tagline” or “Slogan” may be appropriate for this field.   

Step 4: 
Enter the actual content of the pre-approved text into the next field. This is where the actual tagline or slogan would go.  

Step 5:
Add keywords to the text in the next field to make it easier to search for when adding it on the Design Canvas.

Step 6: 
Click “Add Text”, and the pre-approved text should pop up on the right side of your screen, under “Manage pre-approved text”.

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