Does Inkbench replace my graphic design software?

Inkbench is a brand management platform that combines three distinct and integrated features–Digital Asset Manager (DAM), Design Canvas, and a Brand Control system. Once we assist you with uploading your assets and customizing the platform for your brand—Voila! Inkbench becomes your very own production center for your marketing projects and brand assets. The result? Our patented platform allows your teams and/or franchisees to customize and resize/reformat their marketing materials on brand, on demand.

While Inkbench provides you with a powerful, patented production center to help you manage, customize and protect your assets, our platform is not a traditional graphic design platform (like Photoshop). In fact, we have no plans to replace your design platform. Instead, we complement those design platforms and give you the tools to customize, resize and reproduce those designs faster and easier once they’re done.

We recommend that designers continue to use their preferred design tools to create their chosen assets—shapes, background gradients, retouched images, and so on—and then upload them to Inkbench to create templates for customization by your entire team.

Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, Inky and the Inkbench team are always an arm’s length away. Reach out!

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