Filtering the Brand Library

The Filter Panel in the brand library allows you to sort and limit the search results in your workspace. Search for a project or asset based upon its type, when it was created, who it was uploaded by, or who in your workspace last modified the item. Add custom metadata to create company filters to apply to all workspaces, and workspace filters to apply to individual libraries.

The “Show Me” checkboxes in the filter panel allows you to customize the view of your brand library by Projects, Templates, Documents, Images & Vectors, and Video/Audio assets. Select all show me filters at once, or select and de-select items of your choosing.

The “Asset Status” checkboxes in the filter panel will reveal assets in the brand library that are Active, Expired, and Locked. Team members can filter by active, locked, and expired assets to make sure that they’re only using what they’re supposed to.

The “Owner” dropdown shows all of the users that have access to the workspace. Filtering content by owner will show you what each user has uploaded or created in the workspace.

The “Created” and “Modified” categories allow you to set specific bounds between dates where assets were created or last modified. Select the first dropdown to apply a beginning date, and the second dropdown to apply an end date.

Company filters are accessible to all workspaces and will show metadata categories that were created at the enterprise level. Use these filters to specify region, country, department, or other prominent categories that could be useful for users to find what is most relevant to them.

Workspace filters are unique to the workspace which they were created for. This category provides a way for users to get more specific, creating filters for products, content, or any other attributes relevant to the workspace.

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