Formatting an SVG

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are graphics with special qualities. To learn more, read our Support Center article What Is An SVG 

Step 1:
To edit an SVG, use the SVG Toolbar. This toolbar will pop up whenever you click on an SVG on the Canvas. In Inkbench, all shapes are SVGs, and some files you upload (like logos) may also be SVGs.  

Fill color changes the color of the inside of your SVG. The entire SVG will change to this color, even if it is composed of multiple colors originally.  

Opacity changes how see-through the SVG is, with 1.0 being entirely visible and 0.0 being invisible.  

Layer blend mode changes how the SVG interacts with the layer under it. Try different blend modes for different effects.  

Flip horizontally mirrors the image.  

Flip vertically turns the image upside-down.   

Shadow adds a shadow behind the image. The x-offset and y-offset parameters indicate how far left/right and up/down the shadow should be. 

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