Formatting Text in a Text Box

Step 1:
Select the desired text box on the Design Canvas by clicking it. You will know it is selected by the box that appears around it. Then, highlight all text in the text box to select all. 

To change font size: 

Step 2:
Type the desired font size into the number box next to “Font Size” or, alternatively, drag the yellow slider to the desired size.  

To change font color: 

Step 2: 
Select a color from the Primary or Secondary color palettes by clicking on one of the color swatches. Alternatively, if your Workspace allows it, enter a hex code value or use the color picker to choose a custom color.  

To change line height:  

Step 2:
Type the desired line height into the number box next to “Line Height” or, alternatively, drag the yellow slider to the desired line height.

To change text alignment:  

Step 2:
Using the dropdown menu next to “Text Align”, select the desired alignment. Inkbench currently supports left align, center align, right align, and justify. 

To change text background color:  

Step 2:
Expand the Text Background Color options by clicking the downward chevron next to “Text Background Color”.  

Step 3:
Select a color from the Primary or Secondary color palettes by clicking on one of the color swatches. Alternatively, if your Workspace allows it, enter a hex code value or use the color picker to choose a custom color.   

To bold or italicize text: 

Step 2:
Click the checkboxes next to “Bold” and “Italic” for the corresponding styles.  

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