Formatting Text in a Text Box

Step 1:
Select the desired text box on the Design Canvas by clicking it. You will know it is selected by the box that appears around it. 

To change font size: 

Step 2:
Type the desired font size into the number box next to “Font Size” or, alternatively, use the + and – buttons to reach the desired size.  

To change font color: 

Step 2: 
Select a color from the Primary or Secondary color palettes by clicking on one of the color swatches. Alternatively, if your Workspace allows it, enter a hex code value or use the color picker to choose a custom color.  

To change line height:  

Step 2:
Type the desired line height into the number box next to “Line Height” or, alternatively, drag the blue slider to the desired line height.

To change text alignment:  

Step 2:
Select the desired alignment from the list. Inkbench currently supports left align, center align, right align, and justify. 

To change text background color:  

Step 2:
Expand the Text Background Color options by clicking the color swatch next to “Text Background Color”.  

Step 3:
Select a color from the Primary or Secondary color palettes by clicking on one of the color swatches. Alternatively, if your Workspace allows it, enter a hex code value or use the color picker to choose a custom color.   

Other formatting options: 

Step 2:
Click the icons for bold, italic, underlined, or strikethrough text. 

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