Managing brand colors

Step 1:
Locate the “Colors” tab of your enterprise settings. The color information table will have preset primary colors.

Step 2:
To add branded colors to your workspace you will need to have a brand color palette on hand. A new color may be added by typing the color code into the “color column.” Nickname each color (optional)

If you are unsure of the color code for your branded color, upload an image to identify the code using the  “Use the Color Finder” button.

Step 3:
Mark you brand colors as either primary or secondary. This feature will remind users which colors are primary, making it easier to distinguish the difference when creating and editing a project on the design canvas.

Save your changes to push your brand colors to your enterprise workspace(s).

Step 4:
Configure settings and assign custom controls for individual workspaces. Do you want your users to be able to use the color picker when designing? Can brand colors be used for elements such as text, canvas background, shadows, filters, and shapes?

Make sure to save once more when modifying custom controls.

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