Moving / Sharing Assets Between Workspaces

Inkbench allows assets to be easily shared between Workspaces. When an asset is shared, it is not duplicated – only one copy of the asset remains in the Inkbench library – but is shared, or made available, in each additional workspace selected. Note that a user can only transfer assets to Workspaces that they have access and upload privileges for  

Step 1:  
Navigate to the Brand Library in the Workspace where the asset(s) is (are) located.  

Step 2: 
Select the asset(s) that you would like to share to additional workspaces by clicking the box in the top right corner of the asset. You will know an asset is selected when the box is checked.  

Step 3: 
Click the Manage Workspaces icon, which is the icon with two arrows pointing in opposite directions.  

Step 4: 
Check the boxes for the Workspaces you’d like the asset to be in.  

Step 5: 
Click save. Refresh the application, and the assets will be in the desired Workspaces.  

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