Turning on the Approval Workflow

The approval workflow allows users’ work to be reviewed before export. This way, you will be given even more control over what content you produce and distribute, protecting and strengthening your brand.  

Step 1: 
Navigate to Workspace settings for the Workspace within which you would like to turn on the approval workflow.  

Step 2: 
Click on the “Approval Workflow” tab.

Step 3: 
From here, you can turn on the approval workflow by clicking the “Turn On…” button. Note that it is required that the Workspace have at least one user and one administrator before approval workflow can be turned on.  

Step 4: 
Click “Continue” after reading the on-screen text.  

Step 5: 
Click “Continue” after reading the on-screen text. 

Step 6:
Once this screen appears, select which users have which capabilities or needs. Note that administrators have automatic approval power and do not need approval themselves.  

Step 7: 
Once complete, click “Finish”. Note that this will send an email to all affected users in the Workspace.

Step 8: 
A pop-up will appear with a confirmation that these emails have been sent. Click “Close”.  

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