Using the Grid

The grid on the Design Canvas is a useful tool to organize, align, and snap design elements in place. Use the grid to define the layout of your project early on in the design process to produce spatially even and consistent looking projects. 

Step 1:
From the design canvas, locate the right toolbar and click the grid icon. 

Step 2:
Toggle on Show grid to apply the grid to the canvas. When the grid is applied, the canvas will have a purple tint. This tint will not appear on your final project, and is only intended to help you see the grid more easily. 

Step 3:
With the grid applied to the canvas, toggle on Snap to grid. Moving items on the canvas with Snap to Grid applied will bring objects to the closest intersection of the grid. Use this tool to align items at their center, top, or bottom most point.

Step 4:
Use the Gridlines slider to adjust the spacing of the grid. The gridlines selected using the slider indicates the number of rows that will appear for the grid. As the number of gridlines increases, the sensitivity of the Snap to grid setting will increase. 

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