Viewing Workspaces

Step 1:  
At the top of your screen, there are two adjacent dropdown menus. The menu on the left controls the Enterprise you are in, while the menu on the right controls the Workspace you are in. Note that if you have not created a workspace, the right menu will read “No Workspaces Available”. In the graphic below, the user is in the Enterprise “Inkbench” and the Workspace “Sales and Marketing”.  

Step 2:  
To view a Workspace, first ensure that you’re in the right Enterprise. If not, click the left menu and select the desired Enterprise name from the list. After doing this, note that the Workspace name on the right menu may also change, as the Workspace you were previously in does not exist in the new Enterprise.   

Step 3:  
Click the right menu and select the desired Workspace name.  

Step 4:  
The dashboard will adjust based on the content within that Workspace. From here, you are free to do things like search for assets and projects 

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