Grow and Manage your brand easily

Inkbench is your patented brand management platform, where teams produce marketing faster, on brand, for less!

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Easily access, customize and protect all your brand assets

Professional, personalized marketing materials are critical to building a strong brand. And, when you have a strong brand, you can attract and retain the best talent,  loyal customers and grow your business! Our platform ensures your teams and franchisees can easily access, customize and protect your approved brand assets.

With our Digital Asset Manager (Brand Library), you can conveniently store all your brand assets. Then, your home office, remote teams and/or franchisees can access them 24/7.

  • We’ll help you upload your brand assets, including logos, images, GIFs,  videos and documents.
  • You can set permissions, expirations, and licenses for your assets.
  • Easily search your assets using metatag data to find exactly what you need.

Simply customize, resize and reformat your marketing

Create and customize your marketing easily and quickly with templates in our Design Canvas. So, whether you are a marketing or sales director, HR director, franchisee or designer, Inkbench makes it easy and efficient for you to get your job done and build a stronger brand.

  • Create marketing templates using your approved brand assets.
  • Empower your teams and franchisees to customize the templates on brand, on demand.
  • Easily resize and reformat social media posts, ads, fliers, or print collateral with a few clicks and then you’re ready to publish or post.

Protect your Brand by managing users, workflows, approvals

With Workspaces, you determine the access for each user and can track their progress, and set approval status.

Need workspaces for the marketing, sales, HR teams, and/or franchisees? The setup is easy. Plus users can only access the assets that the admin chooses, from full design of templates to customizing only certain sections.

Track progress of each project and each workspace. You can even generate reports to monitor your brand.


  • Organize Workspaces based on department, region, roles, product line or any category that works best for you.
  • Assign users to each Workspace—including agencies and other external partners.
  • Manage feedback, approvals, reviews, and permissions from one cloud-based location and make online revisions to projects! No more back and forth on email.

Download Our One-Sheet

Want to share our brand management solutions with a colleague? Download our one-sheet for later reference or save and share!