Grow and manage your brand easily

Simply customize, resize and reformat your marketing

Create and customize your marketing easily and quickly with templates in our Design Canvas. So, whether you are a marketing, sales or HR director, franchisee or designer, Inkbench makes it easy for you to get your job done and build a stronger brand.

Provide your teams with the access they need to logos and marketing materials that they need on demand, on brand.

Design one template and reformat for every channel, from a Facebook image to a flyer, or website banner and much more in just a few clicks!

Customize reusable templates or create projects for social media, email campaigns, digital ads, and collateral. Even in multiple languages!

Easily store, distribute and access all your brand assets

Easily store, manage and share your brand assets and campaigns

Upload all your marketing materials, brand guidelines, documents, images, videos and more to the DAM (Brand Library)!

Use keyword-driven search, categories and filters custom built for you to find what you need when you need it.

Manage all your assets in one place–from brand assets to guidelines to documents–so you can now design or customize them.

With our Digital Asset Manager (Brand Library), you can conveniently store and organize all your brand assets. Then, your home office, remote teams and/or franchisees can easily distribute and directly access them on demand.

Protect your brand with our Approval Workflow System

Consistency is critical to every brand.  With Inkbench, our Approval Workflow System starts with establishing Workspaces. You determine the level of access for each user so you can track progress and review/approve projects as you see fit.

You can even generate reports to monitor your brand. Give your teams what they need, and keep everyone on brand. 

Efficiently manage workflows and designate who has access to assets, while tracking the progress

Organize Workspaces based on role, product line, location or however works best for your team.

Make branding an easy part of the process by building in your brand fonts, colors and messaging right from the start.

Manage users and permissions all in one place, and ensure that you give everyone just what they need—by team, location, and more.

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