A Strong Brand is Key to Achieving Your Mission

Westminster Economic Development Initiative
New York Blood Center

"A strong brand helps bring greater credibility and trust to a project quicker, and acts as a catalyst for people to want to come to the table."

Diane Fusilli, a global brand consultant and former communications director at the Rockefeller Foundation.

We help you achieve your mission because we care

Your donors, sponsors and other stakeholders expect accurate, consistent branding of your nonprofit, including your logo, images, tagline, messaging and fonts/colors. They also want to see that the marketing reflects their local neighborhoods and marketplaces.

We know it can be difficult managing so many aspects of a nonprofit, especially marketing. That’s where we can help! Our Inkbench team and platform are here to support you and your team and be a valuable, caring partner in growing your brand.

Here is what Inkbench can do for you:

We help you achieve your mission because we care

Easily store, manage and share your brand assets and campaigns

Mission Accomplished!

Now, what would you like to create on Inkbench?

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Inkbench proudly supports nonprofit organizations and provides a 40% discount on all plans and services.